The Last Resort (Scoots, Suits & Boots)

3297245332?profile=original I was thinking today about how times have changed in retail since I bought my first harrington and docs as a 15 year old back in 1978. I then recollected a year or so later having my first job (16 year olds with jobs ! , well some things definately have changed) and buying my first crombie, then a tonic suit, followed by a boating blazer.
Then I thought, hang on…

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About Me:

Having been a Mod since leaving school in '79, I have never veered far away fom the path. I've always loved the clothes and the music, and the general ethos. In recent years it has become even more of a "way of life" as I established Scoots Suits and Boots as an online clothing and footwear retailer. About eighteen months ago, we added "bricks and mortar" by opening a shop in Oldham. I didn't stop there though........... more recently we added Black Sofa Records (a vinyl record shop) within the same building. The next steps are to add a photographic studio and a graphic design studio. When I'm not busy in the shop (not very often !) I like to have nights out at various soul, mod nights and gigs. In fact, I organise my own nghts as well. I recently established Black Sofa Soul Club at Jacksons Pit ( a cellar bar) in Oldham.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

That would just make my head hurt.

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Neither at the moment. Most recent scooter PX200, but I'm a Lammy man.

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  • its a pleasure mick

  • hi mick love the scoot bought quiet a bit of stuff from you top drawer

  • Thanks for the grand welcome to the gang! You have a flash Lammy too!!

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