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  • Been concentrating on the graft lately Mik . aw work no play :) . wid love to catch up. E Mail me on lambrettagp12560@gmail.com and a will get ma new number to ye and will give ye a bell. No had ma arse on the ol scoot for abt 2 year got it sprayed gave the oldest bioy a shot and the cunt crashed it :))). Hear from ye soon mate.

  • How ye doing Mik. Not been looking in at all, fuck 3/4 year :). only got yer message cos of ma email. Hope all is well.

    Hear from you soon :)

  • still cant belive you havent added me to your page mick get a gripp
  • How you been Mik ,havent checked this page for a while so hence the delay in getting back to you, been meaning to phone but i am just a lazy bastard these days.

    Will defnatley see ye in the new year, did ye get yer scooter aff Wass yet....

  • Mik how ye getting on wae yer

    new scoot, got it yet, will give you a bell on Friday,

    should have phoned by now but either too lazy or pissed.

    Every time I talk about scooters she shits a frisbee so trying to keep her nose

    oot of it, had wee bit of fuckin aboot wae the bike, had at in at Glasgow


    for a clutch, came back worse, every time a get the cunt to do something on it it

    comes back wae something else fucked on it. Will bell you on Friday and dae ma

    greetin about the scooter then..... take care,
  • hi mick just realized you left a comment for me about a year ago about my t5, its my second. my first being a mrk1 about 15 years ago my latest ones been in scotland lambretta now for 8 weeks waiting for a service.
  • Mick are you going to the night out at the end of the month.I hope you are.
  • Hi are you married to Katrina Bingham.
    I Knew her from years ago.
    I am Margaret McDonald.
    I knew her brother Stevie,Hows he doing.

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  • Mikey boy hows things you well ,not hear from you for a while
  • Hola!
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