Ballarat, Vic

About Me:

I've been a Mod since Britpop made the scene, I've grown to love the sounds and fashion of early 1960's Mods. I enjoy many styles of music and fashions also, but the Number 1 passion is always 1960s Mod clothing.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

She's A Mod - Ray Columbus and The Invaders (1960's New Zealand band) Here Come The Nice - Small Faces I Want You (Hold On To Love) - Cee Lo Green Psychotic Reaction - Count Five Do The Blue Beat - Dinah Lee - New Zealand (now Australia's!) Queen of the Mods!

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Vespa VBB in pieces, but in the restoration process!

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  • hi again

    every thing great here, and in sunny queensland not as hot as you are. i live on the gold coast only 10 minutes from the beach, which helps to keep us cool.

    my 60's transport is a 1964 rover p5b fully restored and on club rego. i also have a 1969 austin 1800 club rego but needs a new cluch.

    keep in touch and have a great 2017

  • Hello nice to make friends with a another mod, how are you

  • Hi Bec thanks for excepting my invitation. 

  • Thanks for the add, loving your discussion pages!

  • Thanks Bec; guess you already sussed it´s me; had to re-join once more due to technical problems...


  • Hi Bec, thanks for your nice comment - mod goddess! lol Yeah I like it :) xx

  • Hello MG, pleased to meet you.

  • Hey MG - never really got to say hi! You really started something with that My Dress of the Day thread and the What I Bought Today one! I wish I wasn't so technically challenged, or you'd all see and hear a lot more from me (not all bad news, I hear you say!).

  • Hope you can make Victor Harbour....See you here

  • MG that's nothing to some of the silly money you see people asking for for an M51 para and that coat is so so classy, mind you would you wear it on your scooter?

    Cheers Mike ;  )

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