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  • Canny do Sunday Norrie . Fathers day and all that shite. Too be honest it will probabaly be towards the end of the month if that is ok?

  • Good man Norrie. Thanks again.

  • Dark brown suede size seven. They are fukin minted.
  • Good man Norrie I'll gie ye a shout when I'm planning on heading in. Pass my regards to your good lady.
  • Norrie is your mrs still working in Clarks? Whats the chances of getting dicount on a pair of wallabees me old son?

  • There is a mod do on at the wee rangers club this Friday Norrie if yer interested. Its for funds for the club.
  • Telt ye this wee prick would take us in to administration. 
  • well ive been here 8 years so i must like it...memories of Jaysons house wi his mum makin tea constantly

  • yeah geo was a regular round our house even knew my mum and dad wont make it this weekend mate got a family wedding but mebbe next time

  • hey Norrie I was present at all 3 hung out with Jace Sloss, you might remember ny brother Johnny better he was a lot noisier-and still is
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