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About Me:

I'm Ollie, 14, I'm one of the newer genarations of mods, since i was little ive always liked bands such as the beatles, The Jam and The Who and ive always like Clothing such as harrington jackets, drain pipe jeans, polo shirts and smart suits as i grew up seeing quite alot of it, i just used to think it was a fashion craze, and then i found out that these people are mods, ever since then ive been a mod inside, but i wanted to hide it because people my age like different misic and wear different clothes, so that i wouldnt feel alone, i joined them, then i met my two best friends joe and cameron and after telling them about who i really was, little did i know that they shared the same music and fashion intrests, so all of a sudden joe became a mod then cameron and then taking a large step... me, it felt so good to show who i really was to the world. you should never hide on what you really are.] so now were wearing our harringtons with pride, and we dont care what other people say, because this is who i am.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

1) The who- my genaration 2) the beatles- Hey Jude 3) The Small Faces- Tin Soldier 4)The Jam- In The Crowd 5)Booker T & The MG's- Green Onions

Vespa, Lambretta or other?



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  • Well said Snow Runner, From the Jam are a band continuing to write new and original material as well as playing the Jam's back catalog of hits of which Mr Foxton was not only one third of the band, but was I would say the sound of the Jam created by some fantastic bass lines. Just to clarify - From The Jam are NOT a tribute band. 

  • thanks for the add, Ollie! have a great weekend ;)

  • Hi Ollie. Great to have you as a friend on here. KTF. Leontine x

  • Hi Ollie,  Welcome good to be your friend this way.  KTF

  • welcome to the mod generation ollie

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