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County Antrim

About Me:

Hello all, It was after watching Quadrophenia I think around 1985 when I was about 11 when I said to myself I would like to be like Jimmy, wither even quadrophenia is a realistic interpretation of what mod was to an original 60s mod I don't know, after all it's only a movie!, anyway the revival mods from a few years earlier were at the stage were they were hanging their parkas up and moving on to other things but to me this was new. It was a short lived affair at that time and my style of dress relaxed and changed as I grew up. I was always into 1960s style music though and I have always kept some attributes of the 60s style like straight leg trousers and jeans and desert boots, that never leaves. After leaving school and attending a government job training centre near the city, I met a hardcore anarchist punk and a heavy metal guy ("a heavy") both with a lot of disdain toward anybody who simply just followed the populas ('spides' or those that would be called a chav nowadays I guess), I understood where those two were coming from and although poles apart as far as music goes it served as a motivation for me to affirm myself as part of something different, I drifted into the rude boy thing and 2 tone ska first but reverted back to the mod look in big way at the end of the 1980s and early 1990s. At this stage around 1991 I was the only mod in the area and there was not much of a scene, I felt way out there and stood out a mile with my parka, black and white Gibson shoes or my bowling shoes and burgundy Sta prest, my granny was a dress maker so I could have all my trousers taken in and up, it felt pretty cool to look very individual amongst all the trendies or spides as they were called at the time with there hooded tops , fila boots and baseball hats. They probably thought I was a dork, heck I never cared, I knew what I was and was not! The tides turned once again and I started to drift into psychedelia, beatnic and folk stuff like Dylan, Leonard Cohen and bands like REM, Velvet Underground and the Doors, I also experienced the joys and woes of recreational drugs at this time which would have a pretty negative effect on life if I'm honest. I even attended a few rave venues though I hated it! It's only very recently I have arrived here again, a full circle 25 years after it all began with that video of Quadrophenia! this time around it was by chance that the mod in me was reborn and I was inspired after meeting and old mod (well middle aged should I say!) from times long forgotten. Apart from all that, I'm divorced and engaged again, I work for a large online bicycle company, struggle to make ends meet like most and I do a bit of cycling for a local club. I don't get out much to meet people, hopefully this will change soon. Anyway it was great to come across this site with so many still keeping the faith. Patrick

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Something Has Hit Me - The Action Brain - The Action Wrapped, Tied And Tangled - Lavern Baker Think Of The Times - The Velvelettes Secret Affair - My World Dobie Gray - Out On The Floor

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Vespa some time when I find a bag of money!. Buses, feet and bicycle in the mean time.


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  • cheers for the add
  • Hi Patrick, thanks for the request, i dont visit the site enough to be honest, but will need to start.
  • thanks Patrick thats a grt help, the 42 wud do me! might b able 2 get a friend of mine 2 call by and get it 4 me, its a grt bargain! Thanks again much appreciated..

  • hi Patrick, Paul from Coleraine here was wondering could u tell me which tk max u saw the suits and what sizes? cheers

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