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About Me:

Mod since 84,intae the mod scene,fitbaw and fishing.thats it.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Do it up right-Ruth McFadden(sure-shot) Fever-Brian Burd(vogue) One way street-Jigsaw(m-g-m) Oh malala-The Gipsys(odeon pops) Somebodys always trying-King Size Taylor(Decca)

Vespa, Lambretta or other?



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  • hi paul have you still got the desert boots for sale what colour are they mate and why are you selling them many thanks

  • hi paul, whats the date for ayr..

  • Great to read about you... your passion really comes across.
  • mery xmas mate, see you at the next fr steet!
  • hello mate, long time no see - i just joined this forum & its nice to see that you've plugged the hoochie for me

    see you soon fella
  • Awrite Paul hows it goin mate, will have to get down some time, keep in touch
  • Hi Paul, I know I'm a long way from being a Mod ... but I like the Style, Music and Attitude so would like to contribute if I can.

    Hope the Ray Davies clips are appropriate..I recorded them at his set at Glastonbury last year.

  • sound bud im fae edinburgh
  • is the next friday st gonna be the 29th of jan?
    thats the day after my birthday :)
  • Hi Paolo. I must have just missed your comment on the chat bit yesterday. I had been saying to Lainy that she missed a great night on Saturday/Sunday morning. I was going to go about 45 minutes before I did and then another great song would come on and I'd be back on the dancefloor. Well done to yourself and Quinny for another fabby night. And well done with getting the original of Zoot Suit for that dosh; it was a treat to even look upon it.
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