About Me:

ILFORD mod in the late 60s use to meet out the back off the MOCHA coffee bar on the high road.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

motowm and beach boys

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Vespa 150 gs grey with blue side bubbles


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  • I heard that back in the day,there was mods who only wore Falmers and then the mods who only wore Levi's...a bit like Vespa or Lambretta!!   :-)

  • Ray, check out Steve Barrows interview with regards to Coffee bars in Ilford. The square ring where was the mods hung out,and the Mocha was Greasers!!

    Interview on

  • welcome to the mod generation Ray

  • Welcome to the MG Ray. Nice photo where was that taken? Don't worry we'll bear with you as you're new to this lark. We occasionally get fantasists on this site but they're easy to spot.

  • One of my cousins lives in Waverley Crescent, just off straight road,Romford Ray. If you've still got your scoot,i can hook u up with him and his mates!!  :-) They would be especially keen to see the GS,if u still have it...Classic!!

  • Cheers for the add,ray!!

  • welcome to the MG Ray

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