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Dunfermline, Scotland

About Me:

Who really knows what to write here. Complex and got fingers in several pies! First and foremost, family man love my wife of 22 years and our 4 kids. Judo, a 32 year obsession and counting. Mod, from hearing the stories of the Gilmerton mods in the 60’s from my old man, and watching Quadrophenia in 85’ when we got our first video player, I was 14. Been into it since then in all its various guises since, take from that what you will!

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Top 5 tunes, change from day to day and week to week. I live a good drive over the Forth Bridge to work, so often spend time sitting in traffic which is my sanctuary. Windows up music on, head bobbing as I destroy classics with my shocking singing voice! There’s the obvious favourites, Small Faces, The who, some Kinks etc etc not to into the old 50’s and early 60’s soul, being from the latter generation it’s the later music I’m more into, love the Jam, and maybe not too mod but Madness always raise a grin. And as my youth was spent during the Madchester years in the late 80’s early 90’s I love a bit of that. There is more as I say, it changes with every journey!

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

T5 classic and PX200E with a 210 Malossi.


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  • Hiya Jim,
    I commited the cardinal mod sin mate, sold all the scooters and bought a gixxer and an xjr1300. One for firing round Knockhill race track and the other is more comfy for the wife and i on long runs. Whats the run over the bridge though?

  • Alright Mate

    Are going to the ride over the 4th road bridge on the 9th of May? I'll hopefully get a meet up with you pal.... if your going send me an email on Jimmie

  • IMG_3953.JPG

  • DSC03781.JPGMy wee guy, practising going fast on his new P2. training him young!

  • IMG_3132.JPG

  • Evening pal after seeing your whit walls I went to Glasgow Lambretta today and bought a set of 3 . I will have them changed out tomorrow and go for a scoot about.... Lol
  • No probs mate!! ;-)

  • Cheers Mate

    Gone are the days when every second car had a CB aerial and you could borrow it for the back for your scoot...LOL. cheers again pal

  • Alright Ray, were did you get the whip aerial as I ordered one a few months ago and it was broken when it came and Dave at Glasgow Lambretta had the same problem and Gordon at Eclipse hasn't got any in or had them in for ages.

  • Alright pal
    You going to the CVS end of season do this month?
    Cheers Jimmy
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