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Kent. UK

About Me:

Original Mod from the late '50's/early '60's. I wore Tonik mohair suits with bum freezer jacket, striped shirts with stiff white detachable collars. Retired now but still like to dress up when I get the chance.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Don't know any of todays music

Vespa, Lambretta or other?



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  • Hi John, I worked in a record shop in Charing Cross Road between 1959 and 1960,. I didn't have the same taste in music as most Mods, I was more into Dinah Washington and Brook Benton, and later Dusty Springfield. You can see what shape I am in now if you are on Facebook. I still haven't worked out how to download photo's in here. Sadly, I have very few photo's of my Mod days, if only they had digital camera's then. I have had more photo's taken in the past 15 years than I had for the previous 50. One of the reasons for that was that I was a Film Extra for five years, and had a lot of professional photo's taken. I appeared in London's Burning, Holby City, The Bill, and Family Affairs, as well as doing an advert for Saga Holidays. When I work out how to download them I will add some of my suit photo's in here. I am off to have my breakfast now as I have been in the gym since 8.30 this morning. 

  • Hi Ray, thanks for your responses. It is years since I have heard anyone mention finger tip jackets. I had one as part of my Raindrop pattern suit with drainpipes strides. You certainly have moved around. My ex wife came from City Road (Smith Street}. My family is from Hoxton. Eight boys and two sisters, one of whom married a guy from Battersea, now 87. They lived in Trott Street befor moving to Bucks. Bet you look the business in the shorts mate. I still work now and the and am quite active but suffer with arthritis. I can still run a tap. I could run quite well till I was mid sixties but afte my hip replacement six years ago can only manage a trot. Mind you I am 6' 2" tall and weigh the best part of sixteen stone which doesn't help. Really admire your achievements though, well done mate.

    I still live in London, in the North now. Ihave moved out but don't feel at home anywhere else. My Dad's family moved here in about 1695 from France, I am a Huguenot and have a French name but have lost the accent lol.

    Were you into music Ray, surely you weren't a Bill Cotton fan. Wakey,Wakey with Alan Breeze and the Bandits. Winding you up mate.

    There are a few older guys on here and they are alright, but by and large that bit younger and missed the 'smart' look because they rode scooters. When I was doing my thing nobody had scooter. It was shanks for me but had a car from 62 onwards.

    What you will learn is that    people on here are VERY touchy about music,dress etc.etc.

    Keep in touch Ray. Good luck and keep running.

  • Hi Ray, great to have you on board. Apart from me, you are the only other member who wore collar detached shirts, with a starched collar. You will see from my page what I mean. It was and is all about the jazz for me. I am a Modernist, I think the Mods were the scooter and parka brigade which came later. I was a Ted as well till about 57. I come from a big Shoreditch family.

    I also like the fact that you are older than me, I'm only 74,still into jazz and dress smartly I hope. I wear modish clothes for leisure, but it still a whistle and tie when I'm going out proper. Were you from London originally?, I ask because I spent the late fifties and early sixties in Soho socially, like many other Modernists. Look forward to hearing from you.  Take Care Mate.  John

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