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About Me:

Stylist - need I say more? Likes - bespoke suits and shirts, regular visits to Italy to update clothes. English brogues/ American Loafers. Dislikes - Starting with bad dress sense, and sweat shop clothes.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

New Year 2013 Going to Miss You When You're Gone - Edgar Jones Jones Failure - The Las The Addison Tapes - Corduroy The Last Good Day of the Year - Cousteau The Style Council - Party Chambers Sept 2012 Waltz for Mumumba - Spencer Davis Maybe I was Wrong - The Prisoners Fall in Fall Out - Big Boss Man Coney Island Man - Swing Out Party Chambers - The Style Council Corduroy - Data 70 The Las - Doledrum Georgie Fame - Sitting in the Park Paul Weller - Above the Clouds Supremes - Stoned Love February 2012 - 5 THRASHERS!!! 100 Mile High City - Ocean Colour Scene Strange Town - The Jam I am the Fisherman - Prisoners Making time - The Creation I'm not Like Anybody Else - Kinks November 2011 Fever - Big Boss Man Sure is Sure - Style Council Beatles - Rain Jacques Dutronc - Le Responsable Sergio Mendes - Mas Que Nada New for January 2012: Citta Violenta - Ennio Morrecone I was Made to Love Her - Stevie Wonder Non Ce N'est Pas Un Reve - Francoise Hardy Micks Up - Style Council Summertime - Miles Davis

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Alfa Romeo GT Cloverleaf

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  • Hiya Lord R!

    That's OK. I forgive you... for an Everton supporter! ;-)

  • sadly there are no mods in Preston :(

  • Thanks for the request . It is a tune and a half . :) 

  • Nice to see you, to see you, nice. lol.

  • I'm doing fine lad. See ya tomorrow. Do you think i should put lights and mirrors on the walking frame or what?   

  • Hi Rob.

    Yes i am going the JTQ gig. Sorry for the late reply but i've just got out of Hospital after having my Hernia sorted so i'll be getting a Taxi to the gig cos i carn't drive for 5/6 weeks and i've got to use a not very cool walking frame so you'll spot me a mile off LOL.

  • I will wear the coat once winter hits, BUT I have some rather sad news about the coat - starts to cry on your shoulder - the coat came back with GREEN BUTTONS!!!! Seems that the buttons were not colour fast, so I now have to waste money on buying on BRAND NEW navy buttons. :-( So pissed off about that!

  • This is my Alannah Hill coat.... I've put it up on a post before...



  • great profile robert

  • Thanks for the invite Robert.   You're right, it wasn't all good times.   Character forming I think they call it.  :-)

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