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Lake Forest, IL

About Me:

Met an Mod from Brighton back in 1982 here in Chicago, I was fascinated by the culture......Music, clothes and scene. I went to England in the summer of 1983 hung out at Carnaby St. went to clubs and had a great time. I felt left out at the time because I'm an American and this to me is purely British, not sure if the attitude towards non British Mods has changed perhaps it has as the world is much smaller. Back then I had a pen pal, Maria was her name, she would send me clothes....Great memories. I have a Vespa GS Scooter, I feel a bit old to sign on to this site but it brings back good memories!!!

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

The Jam Down in the Tube Station at Midnight Small Faces All or Nothing

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Vespa GS


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  • It's nice to see Ronnie here. I was that Mod that introduced him to the "Scene", all those years ago, when I went over to live with a mate of his on a short holiday in the windy city.

    The irony was that it was a steaming hot summer and I was still wearing a tie and a Parka.....

    God Bless Ronnie thanks for keeping the faith. 

  • welcome to the mod generation Ronnie

  • Ronnie welcome to Mod G, I just joined this site this month. Although I've loved all things Mod since the 1970's I've been out the sceen for a long time, there is a huge mixture of age groups on this site and so far I've found we all mix well because we share have a common love of the fashion, music and scooters.

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