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Lansing, MI

About Me:

I'm an artist, writer, and musician living in Michigan. I first got into the Mod scene after a personal catharsis of sorts in May of 2004 and this cemented in November of that year. I'm not very good at following rules and regulations for any scene, even if I'm familiar enough with those rules to explain them all in agonising detail to a "noob". If going off the list of Mod varieties from the NME Original Mod issue, I'd be an Individualist or a Mid -- I loathe being copied, and I have a life outside the scene. My primary work is writing, so that's my immediate excuse why I usually wear jeans and t's unless I'm going out to a do or weekender, and why I let my hair get longer -- writing pays somewhere between diddly and squat, and I'm often left to decide if I'm buying a new pair of jeans *or* a new shirt this month. (I'm also disabled from scoliosis and being too blind to drive, but I live in the States, and being disabled here pays less than writing because Republicans don't know what a liveable income is.) I've started a fiction series I'm calling "The Mod Stories", and you can get the first book here [link] or from me directly. If you run a zine or Mod-related media blog, etc, feel free to contact me about a review copy.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Couldn't limit myself to just five: Department S - "Whatever Happened to the Blues?" Japan - "Quiet Life" Secret Affair - "When the Show Is Over" Dexys Midnight Runners - "Tell me When My Light Turns Green" Claudia Brücken - "Kiss Like Ether" David Bowie - "DJ" Giddle & Boyd - "Contact" The Flaming Stars - "All This"

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

bus pass, maybe a Stella if I can pass the test for a moped lisence, but I don't see wel enough to compensate for the blind spots in a car

Website Address:


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  • Hi....I`m the random guy commenting about mod - goths and jupiter apple in one of your blog posts

  • Of course it is!! :)

  • Wow! So you were raised in two different places, that's it? Interesting history you have! 



  • Sounds great! You're from Lansing? There's a sixties band from your town called Tonto & The Renegades that I like very much!

  • Hello, hello! Thanks for the request! How are you? xoxo

  • Great photos Ruadhan! Many thanks for adding them.
  • thank u very much, urs 2 keep them coming!!
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