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Alvarado, TX

About Me:

I'm have 4 scoots three lammies and a stella... I love ska music and going out to night clubs... I am building a bigger scene here in Texas LI 150 LI 125 Jet 200

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

007 (shanty town) gangsters Baggy trousers My Generation Nite club

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

3 Lammies, 1 Stella

Website Address:



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  • ryan thank for add me, hail hail hail VESPA!!!
  • Hi Ryan ,good to see your spreading the word in the States,like the Scoots mate ,keep it Cool.
  • Hi Ryan

    Thanks for joining up

    The link to your site isn't working - is the address correct?

    It'll be interesting to hear whats going on in Texas

  • Hello Ryan. Welcome to the site. Nice to hear that you have three Lambretta's. That means one of them must surely be working at any given time ha ha. I think most people on here may have had a few pints of Stella, but not many drive one.
  • hi ryan......welcome
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