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Sacramento, CA

About Me:

Came to this love of mod the typical way... a misspent punk rock youth, gradually growing more and more in tune with vintage style. Spent many years in love with the style of the 1950s (more Hitchcock lady than Rockabetty), but have been undergoing a metamorphosis over the past few years into the streamlined early-to-mid 60s look. It's an era I also admire for interiors, art, and architecture. I care greatly about the details of style. Musically, I love so much that it would be painful to limit myself to a specific era or genre. I like what I like, and when I become interested I tend to practice with a dedicated sort of professionalism until it's absolutely perfect. Vintage fashion is one of the few things I find completely absorbing in this way.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

This is VERY "at the moment", but: 1. "Happy Creeps"-- Ty Segall 2. "Where Were You"-- The Mekons 3. "Baby Please"-- Thee Headcoats 4. "Sorrow"-- The National 5. "If I Stay Too Long"-- Thee Oh Sees

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Vespa. Just way more feminine & graceful, in my opinion.


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