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  • Hi Sara

    Good to hear from you.

     I work in Electrical construction since 2005.

    l play guitar since high school in the mid 80s mostly alone electriic Telecaster along with the stereo playing mostly- you guessed it- improvisational blues.  I do also enjoy most other genres and listen and play along.  I sang for the first time a couple years ago at a blues jam I used to visit but need lots more practice.

    Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Reggae in the form of Damian Marely and Kabaka Pyramid.  Black Uhuru played nearby last month and a I plan to see Toots and the Mattel’s as well as Steel Pulse this summer.

     I’ve heard of a few new reggae styles but haven’t actually heard the music and don’t recall the names. What happened to dub step?  Never really got a chance to hear it.

    My daughter exposes me to new music and I like a fair percentage of it. She graduates from high school this time next year.

     I am German Irish 3:1 and my wife is from El Salvador married in 1999.  I’m off this weekend but come Tuesday I’ll be back on a busy project doing ten hour days for a couple weeks at least.  We take breaks underground in a basement away from reception so I’ll likely be limited to responding to you in the evenings.  I’ll respond to your messages as soon as I can so I apologize for keeping you waiting in advance as well as already.

    California is nice. Last night it rained but the sun is already coming out.  Get a lot of breeze and fog from the Pacific Ocean to keep us cool near the coast. 

    Have a great holiday weekend with your guests!

  • That’s my list but I’m open to how we put our songs together.  Others have separate lists but I don’t mind weaving our songs together as long as they flow well stylistically and genre wise.  Either way works for me.  Also I don’t think we have to limit our selections.  We really don’t have a time constriction we should enjoy that freedom.  So that’s where I’m at. I look forward to hearing your choices.  Take as much time as you need putting things together.  Thanks again for partnering up.   Good night.

  • Thirteenth and last is Frosty by Albert Collins


    Classic signature tune by the iceman.  Remember him from the movie Adventures In Babysitting? Ha ha

  • Twelfth is Overall Junction by Albert King


    Also a lesser heard but dynamite instrumental by a true legend.  I believe the backing band is Booker T and the MGs of the Stax label

  • Eleventh is Sidetracked by Freddie King


    A lesser heard selection from a great blues instrumentalist.  He is best known for his classic Hideaway 

  • Tenth is Boogie Woman by John Lee Hooker


    One final boogie my the originator himself featuring a more contemporary presentation 

  • Ninth is Mama Told Papa by Clifton Chenier


    More boogie style interpreted via accordion.  Basically a version of John Lee Hooker’s Boogie Chillen

  • Eighth is I Feel So Good ( I Wanna Boogie) by Magic Sam


    This boogie style is one of the most engaging sounds I have ever experienced 

  • Seventh is Walking the Ceiling by Hound Dog Taylor and the Houserockers


    This is a gut bucket electric slide guitar blues that has infectious high energy 

  • Sixth is Quiet Whiskey by Wynonie Harris 


    Once again great rhythm and the personification of the liquors is hilarious 

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