Glasgow originally, currently Brechin

About Me:

Ex Glasgow Globetrotters and Night riders scooter clubs, Currently have a Lambretta Li series 2 model. Was a regular at the Scene club and Lindella club Glasgow all those years ago. Went from mod in 84 to psychedelia, wore guardsmen jackets (both black and red)paisley pattern hipsters made to measure ..then i saw someone wearing my old hipsters 7 years later after i had sold them on! I won't name him as he was/is highly rated in Glasgow for his fashion! As for now....i still like the same music, wear the same clothes(Mod, not psychedelic) Good to see Mod still grow.....Long live mod...a way of life...forever.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

She does it right- Dr Feelgood Everybody's talking 'bout my baby - Beatstalkers Double sight - One in a million Breathalyser- Cocktail Cabinet Save my Soul - Wimple Winch

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Lambretta Li Series 2

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  • Hi Stuart. My mobile number is 07557 399961. Drop me a text or call me and i will give you the chat re Millsy. As a hinted last night, its not so hot so be prepared.
  • Yeah its been a fair time Belly. There are some of the old team on here and Roseann was on for a while a few weeks ago too, but no sign of Dan ha ha.

    Great days indeed and thats probably why so many never really went too far away from it all.

  • Never mind hipsters, you have still not been forgiven for throwing a full bottle of Old England into the Clyde in 1981 ha ha.

  • welcome to the mod generation Stuart

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