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About Me:

I have been into mod mannerisms since 1985. I love the image, music, handbags and hair. I am a huge Small Faces fan and love a bit of 'organ-grinding' stuff....I love Eric Burden too! I also enjoy rawer styles, such as 'dustbin mod' and girl garage bands. I love old and new cult/retro films, and 'kitchen sink' films are my favourite.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Cheatin' - The Animals Why Pick On Me - The Standells Scatty Cat - Bob Bunny Baby Steps - The Flaming Stars Calorie Ann - The Hi-Fis

Vespa, Lambretta or other?


Website Address:


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  • Thanks for adding me. 

  • love the pics tricia ktf

  • Scotch smells better than JPG ? well it tastes better anyway

    regards paul


  • Yes think I do, we got sent loads fanzines at the time, used to sell loads @ The Cavern love doing ITC, It was lots of hard work but worth it, nice that some many people still remember it now.

    Anyway nice to hear from


  • Hey, Tricia!

    Thanks for looking me up and the good words about The Mess! Keep them syllables spewin'...!



  • Thanks for replying... love those psychedelic oil projection lamp things too. I would love one, but suspect it would send the cats into a state of total apoplexy...
    Like your observations on The Charlatans..
    He was pretty though, don't you think?
    Not Shaun.......Unless drug induced psychotic, burger van driver is your thing....(And I know I can't mock as I bought once bought a Black Grape Cd..)
    What's really quite cool is playing my twin boys all my favourite music.. So that means they are 'pods', that's mods crossed with punks.. Is your little one into music yet?
  • Invite for freindship - whats that all about eh, well your on here - and it would be rude if I did not acknowedge your presence ma'm ( dont you just love the way people used to talk )
    No not in any bands - no time for that and I aint a good enough musician , come to think of it I aint a musican
    Oh while about at it - you and Andy have loveley children
    See you soon
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