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About Me:

Ex1980's East end mod from Dennistoun, Glasgow. Now married with two kids.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

spencer davis group - im a man

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

other.......shh!!!! Honda CBR

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  • Alright Vinny just catching up a bit here while I have a min or two. Not work the site out yet but trying to put you on as a friend. Don't know if it work or not. If not I will try again

  • Cheers Vinny do feel a lot older and responsible .But passed the cbt and all the legal shit been out and about on the jet, a few mechanical hicks with the lammy. nowt changes on the scoot front
  • Hi Vinny. Would love to catch up with you. Give me a call and we can meet for a coffee maybe if that suits you. I'm working every day next week apart from Wednesday but think may be meeting Andy Mulvey. We will definitely sort something out. Am going to the All Mixed Up event at the end of the month. Are you going then Vinny? Also going to Friday Street on the 27th. Give me a call soon and we can arrange something.
  • Vinny i was out with bobby the other day , he canny remember meeting u in the pub. He is gutted , give him a comment mate he was looking forward to talking to u. we are all going on sat see u there allthe best
  • Agreed the Grahamston is by far the better venue, but Friday St has been running for 9 yrs where it is. But never say never, cause I am talking to one of the main DJS there, and are talking about Fri st as a mid month venue. Its all hush at the mo , but I am hope to get wee colin in with them, trouble is there is a lot of politics involved now as these things are now so commercial, but fingers crossed we can go forward , chat later got loads to open .
  • Vinny, what do need about info venue, I will sort something for u, Cheers Andy
  • Hi Vinny did you have dark blue vespa.It looks like a150 super as can see a door on the side .
  • Vinny, it was great to meet up , had a ball at the do ! will sort out a phone no, onthe sites email tab when I get a chance, allthe best, when did you get up the road ?
  • Alright Vinny ,great weekend ,good to see you again,and all the old mob .Got my neighbour Tank home safely ha ha ,thats him sorted for a lift now if he wants to come up for a beer in future.Hope to catch up again at one of the nights,cheers .
  • funnily enough Vinny Campbell works in Irvine with the waste water, AESOPS.
    Girvan is hell on earth 4 me lol am a glesga girl thro n thro x We stayed here cause of the kids too who are now 18 n 15 x
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