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Sydney New South wales

About Me:

Always loved mod music, ridden a few scoots, although I never owned a scooter, but large capacity motorcycles. Necessity as long legs were required for distances we travel here, My profile name is in honour of a Rik Mayall TV character of the 80s

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

God knows

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

motorcycles, Laverda Jota, Kawasaki z1 among others ( no, I'm not a rocker )

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  • Neither can I! But, have you ever seen my literal version? You should check it out!

  • What fringe comedy, Alan? Am I missing something here?

    I got the Honda 50 for going into Bradford for art materials and stuff. A 10 mile round trip and 3/4 of a gallon of petrol in the Javelin. Not the Jowett Javelin that was built in Bradford up to a few years before. Ocasionally I was asked if this was a new Jowett!

  • ur words r very kind m8, thank you!!  i hav family in the land of oz, just finished my bottle of wine going the bed b in touch..

  • Really? Well that's even better, and here I was thinking that the majority of Australians were destined to be hipsters

  • Oh hey, awesome! Nice to know there's some other Australians around ◕‿◕✿

  • N L, I looked him up last night. He's just done the Edinbrugh Fringe again! They kicked him off Red Dwarf because he wanted more money. It has always pissed me off to look at him, and listen to his nasal whine. I knew his Italian mother, and my late wife were lasting friends. He had prettywell disowned her when we were last together. I never met him, and that was just as well, 'cause I may have punched his head in. My sons, as kids, used to watch him at their home with my first wife, and used to piss her off, by telling her...that was Aunty Sue's first boyfriend.

    Wot larks!

  •  The sooner the better! That dev needs a swift kick up the jacksie!

  • Yeah, it is the monitor, I think. It can take about 10 clicks to get a picture. Plus, the left hand side of the picture goes about 6mm off screen so I'm typing blind for a few letters of the line of type.

    You can thank Mod Goddess for reminding me of Stella Street. I've just watched the 10 episodes and more! Funny or what. BB King with Keefe was good , too!

  • I will be back to you soon, I meant to say.

    My last wife's first bonk... whoops, boyfriend, saved Rik's life on a train back from a gig. Norman. Remember?

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