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About Me:

I was a mod back in the 80s. I was a Garngad Mod, and proud to be so. Had a great time both in the Scene Club & the Lindella, whenever I managed to make it up the stairs, sometimes too pissed! Also got lifted at the Gathering of the Clans with Big Chris McRea (R.I.P.) & a whole host of others on that infamous night! Now I work as a teacher of English as a foreign language, here in the Czech Republic, where a beer costs less than a quid! My website is noted below - any of you want English lessons, please call me - And judging by some of the written English on this forum - a lot of you could be doing with it! LOL!

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Road Runner - JB All Stars Four Faces - the Who When you're young - The Jam Broken Stones - Paul Weller Waterloo Sunset - The Kinks

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Mountain Bike. Don't look @ me like that!

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  • Hi Alex i remember you well . You were there every weekend. You need to go to one of the nights out I always wondered what became of you. Now I know!!! Good to hear from you.
  • Hi guys. Sorry I aint been around much - been a bit busy.

    yes Bobby, I did indeed go around with Gownie, Chris & Shughie, And we do know each other. No I didn't move to Pollok though I did live with a burd in Pollokshields when I was doing stand up with the Funny Farm. Then I went to Uni & ended up in the Czech Republic via Germany, Austria, Hungary & Lithuania.

    I was saying to the guys that you should have a scooter run here - beer costs less than a quid!
  • Alex. Did you go about with Gowny, Shuggie and Chris when you were younger? Did you move to Pollock?

  • how you doin alex.....greetins fae bonnie scotland!!!!!

    I was driving down london road today, and ye'll never guess what was in front of me.....a dark blue skoda..is it "forma" all the way from CZ...still had the CZ reggie plate on it as well.....instantly thought o' ye when ah seen it ..take care ...
  • Alex , your funny story needs to be a belter son , Norway 3 v 0 Scotland, A waste of time, stop press it has just went to 4. So it is CZ not SA for ys in the summer of 2010. put it on a new discussion and start the ball rolling !
  • hi Alex it is so nice to hear from you.Olivia says hello. the mod thing its in the blood.My scooters I have a lovely white lambretta 111 mod scooter I just love LI,s
    I have 4 .2 small frames and a px vespa .I will send you pic,s
  • You've still no worked it oot Alex, you sent a reply to me to your own page :-).
    Trina says hello back. I heard your old pal Pat doesn't stay that far from us now - I think he's about a mile and a half up the road fae us.
  • Hi Mick - sorry it took me an age to work out how to reply - LOL!

    Well, aye, Mick but not professionally. How's trina doing? Tell her I was asking for her.

    Hugh was saying ye've goat a big hoose up near the Campsies? Yippee! I know where'll be staying next time I'm home for a visit! lol!

  • How you doing Alex - are you still writing?
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