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living in partick with josephine and our son paddy[4yrs old] ave been workin at glasgow airport for the past five years.got two boys paul and craig and a daughter lauren from a previous relationship have really enjoyed the last few months meetin up with all the old mods and havin a beer and talkin about the old days long may it continue

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Vespa, Lambretta or other?



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  • Oh to 21 again - LOL! Thanks for the birthday greetings... I'll be the big 2-9 on Saturday the 3rd and then next year, it'll all be downhill from there, so I'm told! ;-)

  • Nice one Andy. I'll definitely be there.  I'll ask my mum and Lorraine and see if they want to go as well. Am sure my mum will want to go.  She talks about you all the time and is always asking how you all are.  Lorraine will want to go as well but she might have something on.  Will let you know.  Should be good. Thanks for letting me know.

  • hey andy,great wee night Your some mover on that dance floor once you get started hehe.Hope your ok .Great to see you x

  • hi andy great day i had down brighton sat at volks.ect great vibe mate cool people
  • Hope you're getting some match practice in before Brighton Andra.
  • Hi andy it's been a while eh ? This site is quite amazing !! been talking to bobby this week end and we are meeting for a coffee at end of week.He says you all meet up now and again,cant wait to see you all.How has life  been for the last xx amount of years ? xx

  • Hi Andy hope u & ur family have settled in ok & wasn't 2 stressfull 4 use.


  • Hi Andy sorry didn't get back straight away was away in Brussels visiting my younger brother. Was speaking to Bobby Black couple of weeks ago and told him I have a couple of photos from away back, will try and get them on page soon. 

    Nice talking to you.


  • Hey Andy, Definately Brighton. I'm in Glasgow on the 22nd for 10 days. Am sure Tam & Tam and hopefully Bobby will be up for a few beers so hope to see you then and we can get into training for Brighton.
  • how ye doing andy good to see yer still alive am doing no bad maself well still liveing hows heck i heard he was on holiday the ye canna get out of hope hes ok bobby black was meant ta contact me about a reunioun mod nite if he does al let ye know spoke ta wee tony taylor oan the phone first time in 28 year oan facebook andy if ye want ta talk pal cant wait ta see yous all again soon i hope yer all mad as fuck anyway
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