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About Me:

old 1979 globetrotter, was best pals with joe baz..bobby black..frank cameron. Scene club regular, as well as the lindella and bandstand (stop out). Been away from the scene for a while ....at least 25 yrs!!! like most of us, i am now getting back into the scene again, with coileyboy, plan to be a regular at friday street..met a few of you again at the mod weekender 2009, looking forward to catching up on old times.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

somebody help me out- spencer davis group little schoolgirl-the yardbirds the kids are alright-the who sha la la la lee-small faces move on up - curtis mayfield

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

bmw.....(trade in for a tv175) on the look out for a project though

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  • hi andy, just realized you had left a comment about a year ago, im from greenhills in eastkilbride you said you had a mate with an li, i seen a lambretta here the other week, there few and far between up here, my t5s been in scotland lambretta now for 8 weeks, waiting for a service, dont think im gonna see it this year. wheres you mate from?
  • Andy thanks for the call on Saturday, unfortunatley I was not in possesion of my phone over the weekend so did not get you message until today. Pissed off that I missed the weekend but it looks as if a good time was had by all. Will catch up soon, thanks again.
  • Cheers Andy. I am really happy with the way the Sprint has turned out. It looks the biz, and it goes well too, which does help.
  • Cat even. Never heard of Billy the Car ha ha.
  • Good Morning BTC. I am great at remembering trash like Billy the Car from the Beano c.1974 but ask me to remember to post a phone number and I'm snookered. Anyway, Mr Superhero Murdoch, my mobile is 07960 442606. I will be off work all of next week so you are more than welcome to pop in for a cuppa if you are in the vicinity swinging over the rooftops looking for crooks.
  • Andy just got your voicemail re rideout needless to say , ah didnae make it , terrible for checkin ma messages, thanks for the shout though.
  • Congratulations GRANDPA...you dont look old enough to be a grandpa...though i bet you feel it now lol. All the best to the family and the new arrival.
  • At the moment I am drawing a blank on a Stewart McKenzie Andy. As I said earlier I remember wee Davie McKenzie from the Scene Club but the name Stewart McKenzie is not familiar. Maybe if I saw a photo of him from the early 80s I would recall him.
  • Hi Andy. I can see the resemblence with Spenny and the guy with the green scarf on, but I wouldn't have known for sure. Him and Roseann were cousins right enough, so it could have been. I am not so sure if the wee guy in th front is Colin Stewart. Is the guy in the centre with the leather jacket on Davie McKenzie ? I noticed you made a comment on Stuart McKenzies post. I remember Davie well, but I cannot recall a Stuart McKenzie at the moment.
  • alrite Andy,got your message..sorry not been on computer was knacked, will drop Bobby a comment.(didn't think he was that drunk lol..maybe phone him as Dealso got his number. spk soon
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