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About Me:

I was 16 years old when I went to the the Scence club ... loved every minute,

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Help me Rhonda Brown sugar Who are you Waterloo Sunsett Itchychoo Park

Vespa, Lambretta or other?


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  • hi angela good to see you joined the site am sure you will reconise a few names on here and if you take a look at the early photos that were put on you will see your old pals and maybe yourself if you were at blackpool 80/81 and scarbourough

  • hi angela....would you be attending the rideout to the new science museum on saturday the 23rd july,leaving mccuills at 0945,i think...if you are,introduce yourself...nice to have you as a friend here ...james
  • Hi Angela. There's no doubt we would have known each other then . I mainly ran around with the crowd from North Glasgow such as Wass, Mick, Hughie, and Jim Paton, Jim McInch, John McGowan, Eddie Cunningham and loads more. I saw Catrina Bingham a few months ago at Rab Aitcheson's funeral as she is still married to Mick Paton. I knew all the Pollok guys very well and still see Gerry Ross now and then. If you go into the Glasgow Mods section you will see a photo of wee Ped Smith that I took down in Morecambe. Its funny how much of the time we never knew each others surname; is your brother Rod Houston Rod the Mod from Shettleston ?
  • hi angela and welcome
  • Hi Angela, and welcome to the site. There are loads on here (like myself) who were Scene Club regulars. Who did you run around with during those great days ?
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