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united kuching,sarawak

About Me:

i'm an ordinary boy.n 4 sure i'm a mod.mod is my way of life.i wanna be different frm others.i want to be apart of the mod,mod world.i dun even care wud others wanna say bout me..cuz deep inside of me,i'm true..they r juz jealous dat i'm cool.its a mod things.this is me.dun eva judge a book by its cover.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

the kinks- you really got me now the jam- this is a modern world the kinks-dedicated follower of fashion the booze-ladybird and me the killermeter-twisted wheel

Vespa, Lambretta or other?



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  • Benramulo, your photos are great! thanks for adding them - the scooters look so cool - I'd to add them as a forum topic (are you able to turn the photo 'prayer' around for better viewing?)

    Glad you like some photos i added - Jason is my young nephew - the other guy 'Dell-boy' we met at Mods Mayday - he was telling the younger mods many stories - very nice guy.


  • Thanks for joining us here Benramulo

    what's the mod scene like in Malaysia?

    Beautiful scooter you have there!

    Keep the faith - no matter what anybody says!

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