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About Me:

was once a mod and scene club member but have went to the dark side and am now a triumph club member and rider...............

Vespa, Lambretta or other?



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  • Hey Franky, How the hell are you? Dropped you a line ages ago, but I thiught wi you changing your religeon, you may not look at the site anymore.

    Yip I remember that night well, trying to humph bikes and scooters out of that basement and save them from an early grave. If we were to sell them noo we could have bought the building.

    So what ye been upta? Wit ye doing in a couple of weeks? I'll be in Glasgow havin a few beers. Landing on the 30th ma telephone is 0780 324 3769. If yer free give me a buzz and we can catch up. Would be really good to see you.

  • How ye daein frank , are ye no gonnae come back oan and say hello.I am getting fed up wae the " second coming of the Mods awready"
  • hello big frank ! how the hell are you mate ? i kinda stumbled across this site a few weeks ago, alla chric c ! hope all is good amigo!
  • By the way I also have a motor bike. Its only a 125. I bought it for uni. Trying to sell it. Thought I sold it tonight - a girl came to see it. Sadly she was too small.
    SShhh - don't tell anyone!!!! I'm a biker too!!!!

  • Alrite Frank. How are you doing? Good to see you are on the site now - and still alive! Amazing to think of all the years that have passed and now everyone is catching up. Been reading Andy Murdoch's comments to you. George Michael & Andrew Ridgely - I was gutting myself. I take it you still have your beard then? And you're still a biker - brave man to admit that on a mod site!!!!! ha ha ha.

    I was talking to Gillian a few weeks ago. Hope she passed on my regards. She is looking well. Motherhood is obviously suiting her! She was telling me you are working hard.

    Hope you are well. Speak Soon.

  • FRANK< great to see you on the site, how coolis all this then ! Triedto get in touch with you about 3 months ago came round to your work I think but wasnt sure I had the right place. You will need to get some quality time in front of the screen , you have hunersss!!!! to catch up on , the site is dead easy to use so get on with it! Triton ? a didnea think Bikers had a shower !
  • Hi Frank. I am staying not to far from you, down in the Briggs. Good to see you on here mate, even if you are a hairy baker. I have went out and bought a nice wee Vespa 150 Sprint, so go easy on me as you tear by at 12266 mph. Anyway, I thought a triumph was a bra !
  • Hows you big man? I still love my bikes although kinda into 70`s & 80`s jap stuff , at the mo I got a GL1000 K2. Im meeting the boys from this site for the September weekend, so if i post a pic of my bike then Andy Murduch & Mik Paton said theyd do me??
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