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Top 5 tunes at the moment:

1. The Who - The Real Me 2. Otis Reading - Shake 3. Paul Weller - Fast Car Slow Traffic 4. Small Faces - Tin soldier 5. Paul Weller - Up The Dosage

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

can only dream....would have either :-)


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  • Im not sure heard the gig in ivory blacks is the first nite of the tour so should be a rite good nite im looking forward to both gigs
  • Spot on Colin Wake up the Nation is Weller back on fire songs are short and straight 2 the point just like The Jam he really is a very very special talent
  • The Chords are playing in ivory blacks on 19th aug and The Purple Hearts are playing in ivory blacks on 4th sept looking forward 2 them should be 2 really good nites Colin
  • I like your 5 fav songs i would add No Tears To Cry and Andromeda 2 the list what do you think
  • yeh going way a couple of friends Friday Street always put on a really good nite meant 2 ask u ru going 2c The Chords and The Purple Hearts
  • I agree cant wait saw him in the barrowlands last nov and he was blindig like you i think this is gonna be a very special nite are any of youse going to the after show party in the admiral bar
  • I agree think Wake up the Nation is one of the best albums from him looking forward 2 his gig in dec in the secc ru going?
  • Cheers Colin sorry just replyin im a big Weller fan
  • Thanks for the welcome Colin and comment on scoot
  • Hey Colin, no probs, I'll put the feelers oot and see if anything comes up,

    Vp x
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