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old scene club mod

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train kepta rolling-yardbirds do the caveman-wasted youth 4 hours-clock dva testify-isley bros barking doggerrel-gummy stumps

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

cycling shoes

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  • Hi Colin. Hope you are well. Looking forward to the All Mixed Up. Rex said he'll be there and is dying to see you. I met him on Friday night at Friday St. Him and his girlfriend turned up. He was asking about you. I told him you were desperate to see him and that you and Dealso were going to All Mixed Up and he said he would definitely be going. Unfortunately I was so pished I forgot to ask him for his phone number!!!! Catch up with you at the end of the month.
  • Mornin Colin, I heard about his gigs, Jamie called me just after he went back to Tenerife and said he'd bumped into Babs and a few others at the gig in the Barras. I didn't get back from here until July, so we just missed each other by a few days. Not seen or heard from Rab in years. I still have the gear here but not played in a band since HTM (about 86 ish). There's a few guys here looking at starting a band, so that may be something to go for. Jamie & I may be starting a wee thing over the internet. I write and record some tunes and email it to Jamie where he adds the lyrics. Just done the first one and waiting for Jamies lyrics, so we'll see how that goes and take it from there. Wonderful thing the internet, eh. Keep good and hope we can all catch up next time i'm back.
  • You done it again Colin ,first class mate ,really made the weekend ,top sounds.still trying to remember the acid thing we were talking about ,but it will come back ha ha .hope to see you around ,cheers and thanks again.
  • Well done last night Colin. It was brilliant to meet you again after all these years, and to see you behind the decks again was out of this world. An amazing night and the tracks brought back the memories from those magic days at the scene and Lindella.
  • Hey Colin, that photo with Eddie & Rhona.Did Rhona not move to Paisley? I used to kick about with her brother that i think joined the army. I sued to go out with her pal Pauline who was there too.
  • Nice One Mate!
  • hello colin, hope all is well!

    couple of wee requests:
    I'll keep on holding on - the action
    making time - the creation
    gimme some lovin - spencer davis

    See you saturday: cheer mate - ed
  • Alrite mate, found a yardbirds cd ep if you need it for next week. its got "for your love" "evil hearted you and another couple on it. Are you playing Vinyl or cds or what? Looks like its gonna be a great night..cant wait.
  • Hi Colin. Are you taking requests for next week yet? If so, not my favourite song of all time but always reminds me of wee Skeeny - The Spencer Davis Group - Somebody Help Me.
  • Hi Colin. Yip on line. But no looking at dirty pictures. Checking out the English Dictionary. Trying to sort out my spelling and my grammar. Wife is ranting about some of the words I have spelt wrong. Told her to chill out - I'm among friends (or is it frends??!!). Looking forward to seeing you next week. Bobby
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