Lock-in : The Scene Club 1981

For anyone that can remember it, the long dark room you passed before you entered into the dance hall of the club? Anyways, it served its purpose if you managed to get a drink passed the door (pope) or where lucky enough to get a snog from a young bird.Okay, i dont remember the details in full except drinking like a maddie in the lane behind the scene !!! So, to cut this one short - daft arse - thats me, flaked it in the carvernous place mentioned . I surfaced early next morning in much dismay…
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About Me:

80-82 Scene Cub - Lindella - Star Club - Bandstand- Chessboard. It started there for me: 15 years old and what an introduction to life - what a buzz. Scene was packed to the gunnels, all of us fired up from the cheap wine, cider or lager. happilly skanking about to Ken Boothe/s 'Everything I Own' eagerly waiting for the break in the song to shout out where you came from. Yeah you know the bit: else you couldnt have been there! To everyone who was there! Cheers Salutations give me a shout. Ed.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Theres a ghost in my house - R Dean Taylor Somebody help me - Spencer Davis Group Too much to dream last night - Electric Prunes Cant explain - The Who (Bowie does a cracking version too) Everything I Own - Ken Boothe

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

dessert boots

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  • hi eddie, would never have recognised you from the photo alone. Post one of you in the OLD days. I am posting one of me back then, as soon as I get a mo to scan it etc, Great to hear from you. We have to meet up when I am in Glasgow next time. Not Sure when that will be as I live in Spain but come back to Scotland for business quite often. if you know how to send a PM let me know as I dont have a clue. I will then send you my details. Have to be a bit cautious as my sis had a stalker who appeared on this website a while back and a mate warned her about it, so most messaging best done by PM.

  • Hi Eddie, Nice to hear from another familiar face. Just read your post about getting locked-in and was creased up here. I could just picture it - god knows what nick you must've been in when you woke up. I don't think that place was ever cleaned.

  • Hi Eddie, long time no see mate. Get in touch again and come down for a few pints one night.

  • Hi Eddie . It was great to see you on Friday. Hope your well .
  • hey!
    I'm quite sure, I'll visit Scotland again. Unfortunately I'm doing my A-levels at the moment and therefore I'm too busy for any journeys.
    Hope you have a lovely week,
  • hey!
    thank you! hope you are fine? i just recognized that you live in glasgow, i've been there last month.scotland is very beautyful!
  • hello Eddie -Long time ,do you still live in proven mill.
    all the best wass.
  • way ahead of you mate, they are noted. i couldny no play thum.
  • Alrite Edders, long time no see mate. Good to see you on here alive and well. Be good to catch up with you next week..along with everybody else..spk soon. Take care. Vinny
  • doing an hours set mate, cramming all the Scene club anthems in in 60 minutes for your enjoyment, i forgot about steaming suede boots & burning my hands, which reminded me of slash burns on my arms trying to iron shirts,( no i wasnt wearing it at the time ). So any requests for tunes am yir man, cheers
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