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Guildford, Surrey

About Me:

We are a Mod/Sixties band, playing covers of classic sixties songs by the iconic female artists of the decade, 60s girl beat groups, British Invasion bands, Motown and Northern Soul. We are from the South East.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Big Bird - Eddie Floyd Dusty & Sandie

Vespa, Lambretta or other?


Website Address:



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  • must make it hard for rehearsals when you are all over the place,

    will enjoy the gig on the 17th of april, when they were first around, i was at

    secondary school, so missed them and the jam too, well i suppose 30 odd years

    aint too long to wait ? can't ever seeing weller getting together with the other two though

    shame, am sure loads of us would like to see that happen

  • hi guys, yes i live in north london, which is pretty central to most places
    where abouts in london are you based ? i beleive there are some probs on this
    site at moment, had an email saying it's being updated, hence why i'd never bother
    trying to set a web site up ! hopefully catch another gig of yours at some point
  • plus going to see secret affair on the 17th of april, and modstock on the 19th
    which looks cool from what i have heard about it, on 20th july at capel manor gardens
    enfield, going to the sunday best scooter fest 4, run by the foresters scooter club
    the big 10 and the small fakers are playing this year, so may see you guys there, the
    scooter entry is at 9am, sadly i don't have either lambretta or vespa, it was a good day there
    last year, hope the weather hols up this year for it too
  • cool tunes guys, hope i can get to the gig that day, martha reeves and the vandellas
    are at the jazz cafe on 12 may, found that out lately, but not seen it advertised
    i live in north london, so not too far from camden, so much going on this year, can't
    stretch financially to get to everything i'd love to.
  • Thank You For The Add x

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