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About Me:

i live in tenerife! originally from the calton....been into scooters since 1978! love vespas! live in tenerife singing sinatra songs for a living! lol

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

i have too many to mention!

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

vespa gtv


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  • James, How you doing m8. what's been happening? Was talking to a chap out here that lives in Tenefire. He says he knows of you, must be the gigs and stuff. His wife is a music teacher over here. He's gone back this week and says he'll try to drop in on one of yer gigs, his names John, so if some strange man starts talking to you, you'll know why.


    An3297404904?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024yway, off to Glasgow on Friday and catch up with some of the gang. Looking forward to it even although it's gonna be freezin. Got the bike there as well now so i'll have two weeks of scooting about if the weather holds out.


    Anyway, chat soon and take care.

  • Hi Jamie, my name's Linsay and i recognise u from the MB.  I also knew Peter McKay well as he was my bf for a while. I felt as if i'd won a watch when i seen these old photos. This is a great site!
  • Hi Jamie,
    that is one big milk round you have.I had you name as Mc Neill.
    nice to see you.
  • You should get a ticket to Glasgow for this September reunion weekend Jamie. Its clear skies here until the 27th. Tempted????
  • Jamie. I thought it was meant to be sunny in Tenerife, not raining. I think we're getting a shot of the sun for a change here in sunny Glesga. It is cold though.
  • hi jamie 6 is a scene,better than just 1 x get ur mates to come join us n say hello...... n am gonna give u a holla nxt time am out ur way xx
  • Yeah Jamie. I remember the Rooster well. Loads of good memories from going there. What are you up to nowadays now we're all grown up (do we ever really grow up????!!). Do you have a family? I'm married with two boys - Gerard who's nearly 15 and Alex who's 7. Bobby
  • i,ll hold u to that, is there much of a mod or scooterin scene out there. dont like i,ve ever seen a mod in tenerife....prob just dunno where to look xxx
  • Welcome to the site Jamie. I have spoken to you on the phone a few times when I have been in the Heilan Jessie on the Gallowgate with big Joe. If you are over again at the end of next June you will need to come to the run out at the Glasgow Mod weekender instead of singing in the Heilan.
  • No way. Jamie O fae the Calton! Howzitgaun? Long time no see. Always wondered what had happened to you. Obviously living life in a better climate. The last time I saw you was in the Rooster over 30 years ago. See you're still going about on a scooter. Not be needing the parka there in Tenerife though!! Great to see you on the site mate. Hope life is treating you well. Bobby
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