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I'm the resurrection green onions. all or nothing, cigarettes and alcohol the real me

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

GS160 - T5 Classic - X type Jag sport -Toyota MR2 - Suzuki Grand vitara V6


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  • Well done to you then John, its a stunning looking scooter and if its all original then that is all the better. My own came over from Italy too, around 2002. When I got it in 2009 it was okay but needed a revamp to get it near to what it is now. The engine was fine right enough and is still good for 55 mph without stretching it. All the stuff like 60s style chrome back light, conti white walls, twin chromed exhaust and the various adornments have been done by myself. It did come with the excellent Small Faces spare wheel cover so that was a bonus. I have to admit that although I love my scoot to bits there are times when I wish I had a PX or T5 engine in it. It is probably about 95% reliable¬† but it can take the huff at times and the few times can be annoying. And before I go, do you still have the birds nest ha ha.

  • Cheers John. Yeah, the Sprint is a lovely scooter, especially when done up properly. The Sprint Veloce is certainly a nippy little fecker even with all the lights, backrest, spare wheel, and flyscreen attached. If you took all of those off it would be even faster again I suppose. Your own GS is top class mate. I am not sure if you have the original engine in it or a modern one for more reliability and speed, but for me its the looks that matter. But then again I can say that as I am a city boy and don't have any interest in taking my scooter for long runs to scooter rallies. KTF and Keep Safe.

  • What about the Astra for your vehicle list?
  • I was to on the second coming !
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