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Livingston west Lothian Scotland

About Me:

43 years old mod into 60ts freakbeat & Still Looking For My Old Mate's From Fraserburgh Aberdeenshire who i ran with from 85 to 89 or if you have photo's of Aberdeenshire mods lets have a look at them

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Him & The Others She's got eyes The Factory Try a little sunshine Marsha Hunt Hot rod poppa Truly Smith This is the first time Don Fardon Coming on strong thats at the mo ask me again next week lol

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

lambretta love LI150s


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  • Evening Kevin thought I would leave a wee message to let you know that we're having a end of scooter season dance at the Tudor Hotel in Airdrie on the 23rd November see the Clyde Valley Scooter Club Facebook for more information mate. Cheers Jimmy
  • My pleasure! :) x

  • Thanks for the friend request! Brilliant photos! x

  • hi kevin i found a pic of myself in your photo collection, ive used it on my own page...i hope you dont mind mate.
  • Hey Kev, Good to meet you ( again!) lol x
  • Hey Ho Kev. Fancy meeting you here!
  • Awrite Kev
    Have a met you at the Modweekender in The Twisted Wheel ?
  • Cheers for the add Kev !
  • thanks for adding these photos Kevin - they're fantastic!
  • aha - i've now sussed out that Kevin Tait is Kevin the Mod! Thanks for joining - great photos - thanks for adding them. Are they all from Edinburgh area? If you dont mind I'll add them to the photo slideshows on main site (if you want to add any more that'll be great)

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