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A Belfast Native...now living in Co Donegal

About Me:

45 years old, an Original Belfast Mod from the 79/80 Era, Married with 2 kids, left Belfast 10 years ago, and now live in Co Donegal in the Country side , near the Beach ! Still ride a Lambretta Scooter, and love my Clothes and Music, and yes , im still a Mod !

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

PP Arnold......Everythings Gonna be Alright The Who.......Anyway , Anyhow , Anywhere The Yardbirds...Heart Full Of Soul The Mocking birds...You Stole My Love Chris Farlowe...Everyone Makes a Mistake

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

1965 LI125 1966 VBA


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  • Hello Marty
    Great to meet you (Komedia)
  • love your profile pictures marty ktf

  • Thanks Marty :)
  • Thanks for the add Marty!

  • him and the brother were pretty thick they went to feldon together....did you go to feldon as well?

  • Barry Tompson was from Shore Crescent Marty and as mad as a hatter. He went on to join the Royal Marines - havnt seen or heard of him for years.
  • couldnt get on here for a while marty.... forgot my email address. no my son boxes for midland. he was four nations champion a while back so he takes the game pretty seriously. keeps telling me he ll buy me a house when hes world champion....but im not holding my breath for that one. got the itch for a vespa so ill have one on the road shortly all being well

    chat again!.


  • dont have much time for the mod scene now marty - spend a lot of time with my son and his boxing and your wrong the brother paul did reconise you and remembers you well! hope alls well with yourself and your family.
  • thanks for the add marty, i see your mates with rab on facebook, he's my godfather haha, anyway thanks for the help
  • Hello Mate
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