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East Sussex

About Me:

Owned 3 scooters in the 60's. Small town Mod

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Dark End Of The Street . James Carr Little Black Egg. Nightcrawlers I'll Take Good Care Of You. Garnet Mimms Don't Talk To Strangers. Sons Of Champlin The World Turns Around Her. The Byrds

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Lambretta. LD, LI Series 1 150cc, TV 175 Series 2


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  • Nice to meet you in Brighton, how did the stall go Mike :)

  • nice looking photos mike ktf

  • Hi mike,

    Thanks to confrimed me, This is link of my band, i hope u can gift your comment, Chek this out..


    greatings from Indonesia:)
  • Found two excellent menswear items today.

    A Ben Sherman Shirt with a Tab Collar, a Mod style which is much sought after.Size 16 Pale Yellow.

    Also a 1960's Wool and Mohair Car Coat. It's double breasted with a high collar.

    Both are in excellent condition.Unfortunately the Shirt and Car Coat are too small for me.

    So I've posted a photo of the shirt on my Facebook page "The Detroit Locker" along with a selection from other classic Mod and Ivy League menswear and accesories I'm selling.

  • Hi Mike. Cheers for the comments re the scooter. Its really nice and I get great buzz from jumping around on it especially during the nice weather. I think most people think of the GS as being a bit more iconic to the Mod scene and maybe that is why they have always been more sought after than the Sportique, which is also a lovely looking scoot. It was a good bit nippier than the Sportique as well so maybe that was another reason. They are all tough to get a hold of now and you will pay a lot of money for a good condition GS or Sportique.
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