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south brent , nr Plymouth in the south of England

About Me:

hi been scootering since 1968 was first a mod then 69 became a skinhead then back to mod scooterist i have three scooters my fav is 1966 silver vespa 150,i am in too scooter clubs,over the years have had just about every Lambretta and Vespa model made.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

All or Nothing SF Lazy Sunday SF Tin Soldier SF Itchycoo Park SF Here Comes The Nice SF as you can tell i like the small faces lol

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Vespa, Lambretta,Aprilia.

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  • lovely looking scooter mike

  • Harsh ,,, mr P. ! I just read this and the heckles went up ,,,thinking how rude !! 

    My reply was drafted and about to pen my response , and read who it was from ....lol.....

    Obviously theis bloke is no one of any interest what so ever....... in fact probably a "Pop Up' from way back.

    Remember Pop Up's Mike ,,,, not a phrase you hear these days.

  • hi Everyone just getting over my crash lucky not to bad, was'nt on my Vespa so thats ok i was on my work scooter which is repairable. cheers Mike.
This reply was deleted.