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About Me:

Mod why i wanted to become a Mod because i loved the style the scooters the music its a amazing cult and being different thats all i wanna be is different from all the other people i know who shop at topman or listen to this new kind of shit music p.s am a middlesbrough supporter

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

paul weller wake up the nation small faces tin soilder oasis aquience the doors light my fire the who join together stone roses waterfall

Vespa, Lambretta or other?



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  • you mean to create an article?
    Head to where it says forum, and publishes something
  • Hi nathan, tell me where I can help?
  • hi nathan im from glasgow, theres quite a lot of us on here from glasgow its got quite a buzzing scene just now.lots of good nites out to go to. im 41 but unlike a lot of pepole in there 40s i wasnt right in to it in the 80s(well i mean i remember it, i just never got full on in to it). i got involved with the mod scene about 7 or 8 years ago when i bought a scooter. i had a couple of mates how where scooter boys in the 90s and i always enjoyed going for a day out on the back. but to me the style thing was all wrong,so when i got my own it was chrome crazy/sharp suit time. 7 or 8 years ago there wasnt that meny folk doing there scoots up mod style so it was easy to stand out from all the matt blacks and choppers that where about at that time.
  • hi nathan i read your profile coment on pritty green (quite contaveshal) ha ha. but i have to agree. being quite traditional in my mod out look, i realy dont buy in to a lot of this mass market lable shit my self. personly i think pg is aimed at the high st indie kids that buy up any thing thats marketed at them. i havent seen any pg stuff i like, but i would think about buying something if something special was to catch my eye. it would need to be good though.
  • hi nathan, no problem maybe catch you on some time for a chat. where you from? welcome to the site!
  • hi nathan.
  • Im 26 pal but feel fucking 46 at the min
    how old are you
  • Photos are uploaded from the Friends page, where it says add photos.
    Cheers! KTF!..
  • hello again! course, if more than anything
    this is the forum to meet and socialize with mods
    Worldwide, there is the forum
    discussions in which various topics are discussed on the mods.
    share pictures and uploading them to your page.
    as far as it can help
    I am at your service.
    Greetings friends!
  • Hey Welcome Nathanmod!
    Keep The Faith!
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