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About Me:

just a recycled MOD,who sadly still thinks like i was still in the 60's, sad i know but hey i love it.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

little red rooster, the nice, out of time, green onions

Vespa, Lambretta or other?



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  • Hi Paul, see you're local too!

    There's quite alot going on in London - Hip City is usually really well attended and takes place a few times a year and lots of other stuff. I'm trying to get a Live Music Venue going in Woking that will host original live bands as the Town has lost that, when we get it up and running we'll be looking to put stuff on as there's a big following for that sort of music here (surprise surprise!)

    There's also a couple of fundraisers in the Town for the Hospice that have a very Mod slant in May and June I think

    I don't know if it's the sort of thing you'd be interested in but one of my bands does play around the area and we do a bit of northern soul/blues/smallfaces/who amongst others the next gig is this Sunday at The Kings Arms Dorking and I think 11 May The Old Ford Ash Vale and 9 June The Beehive Aldershot - it would be great to meet any of you Mod Generation at any of these and would back up my masterplan to persuade the others to take a more mod view of the set list...bwahahahaha..

    Best wishes


  • We used to go to the Kings Head in Guildford when I was 16. But we didnt get in to many fights, we were more interested in the girls.

  • I live in Guildford. Are you in a scooter club?

  • Hi Paul, nice one....not too many of us genuines left !

  • good on yer paul

  • Welcome to the forum, Paul!

  • Hi Paul, I see you live in Farnham. That's where I was born (almost 63 years ago) in Long Garden Walk. Went back for the first time in years recently to pick up a door I got on ebay. It's certainly changed since my day, what's it like to live there now?

  • Glad to see you've joined BFTD. Hope to hear some stories soon.

  • thanks a lot paul

  • Oh hell yeah, welcome.


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