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About Me:

what would you like to know? Sister who was 1st generation mod, introduced to Motown about 12?. Hard to recall really,i used to listen to little Stevie Wonder on Luxemburg, but Jnr Walkers Shotgun was big big sound, that would make me about 10 or 11. Sister brought me my first Levis about that time, prefered desert over monkey boots, Levi jacket came soon after and that kind of set the look, different to my sister and her friends, had my hair cut shorter because i liked the clean look, i saw in American films and photos. I came to school one day around that time, and the older group had suddenly become leaner, sharper, shorter cut and white, cream or dark blue raincoats with silk (spotted )scarfs (white, burgundy). The group started to split then, some went harder, miners boots, shorter levis braces, #1 or #2 cuts. Interesting to note that they were the ones who had the first tats and moved swiftly into Punk later. Others become smoother, #2 raincoats, brogues, and plain b/d shirts with braces, they bye passed the Cromby and red sock/hanky, stapress and went to three tread silk trousers or tonic suits, Barrcuta K9( Harrington), sheepskins and plaincap,Royal, Chelsea boots and later my beloved Bass. I went to the Wag club in Soho about 14, and celebrated my 16th birthday in Ronnie Scotts, my fascination with Jazz, and the people who frequented these and other venues grew. To this day i know what i like, but i dont know what i don't like, but when i don't like it, i know straight away, its in my bones. I have seven pairs of Bass loafers, Gibson lace up, Royal plaincaps, and a pair of lightning brogues that i have had for two years and have not worn yet. I just open the bag and look at them. All brought from John Simons, at either the Ivy shop, Squire shop, or where he now resides in Covent garden. They were extrodinary days, i still envoke laughter when i said i would'nt sit down on a bus in fear of creasing my suit trousers, in fact we all stood up! Saturdays, was all about, a trip to Soho in the morning, buy a new shirt or pick someting up that had been altered, off to Victoria station where we got changed into jeans, DM's , flight jacket, put everthing else into the left luggage lockers before the pub and Stamford Bridge. Fantastic days, i have allways maintained that if you support Chelsea its all about the hands!! you either have them in the air celebrating, or holding your head wondering what a load of tossers they were. Going to and from fotball was a nightmare. I lived in East london (West Ham, Millwall) but i loved Chelsea because they asked me to go for a trial there when i was 11, and at that time Chelsea was the centre of the universe. So it was allways a gamble when travelling by tube. It never got any better when my family moved to North London and i was surrounded by Arsenal and Tottenham supporters, happily it never affected my friendships, but inevitably and sadly my social world moved away from home turf. Did i really need to say all this? Anyhow, i married at 21, a girl i new when i was seventeen, we have two children who proudly went to higher education and beyond. I still dress the same, ish, still love the music, still go to Ronnie Scotts, Jazz cafe etc. Pop out for a coffee (hot choc now) in Bar Italia. Have read more, and as my the saying goes, 'have passed a lot of water under the bridge'. The world has changed, we all think we know so much more, but we have lost the reason for knowing it in the first place. I have found another obssesion that allows me to dress up and indulges my passion for all things of quality.. i cycle. So much so that i now own three bikes, one is so Italian and delicate it frightens me to use it, but is actually strong enough to go into space, one a legend in english bike building and the other is being built as i write. Thats all, i did work in music and film/advertising as a designer, i suppose i still do, but now i am a manager.... Thats all folks.

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Vulnerable . Marvin Gaye Brick house. Brothers Johnson A Place In The Sun Stevie Wonder Dance Me to the End of Love Madeleine Peyroux Soulful Strut Monty Alexander

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

Vespa no choice.

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  • Hi Richard:

    Robert Nicholls here, Colin Coiley alerted me to you and I took a look at your profile (for some reason I cannot access http://locpow@btinternet.com). As an aside, I selected the name “Hadley” as one of my young son’s middle names—I was born in Enfield and our family to visit nearby Hadley.

    I don’t know if you’ve been following my entry on themodgeneration that Stephen Hughes has been posting as a series, and whether it rings any bells. I would be a bit older than you, while you were listening to Jnr Walker’s Shotgun (released 1965) when you were 10 or 11, I was dancing to it at age 21.

    Before I continue—your sister was a first generation mod. She doesn’t have any photos of herself or her friends dressed in mod gear from that time by any chance? We are lacking photos of girl mods and their clothes and hairstyles (and descriptions of same).

    I don’t have your email and I don’t know how you’ll respond to this note but my email is rnicholl@uvi.edu

    I was a mod from about 1962-66 (I had a Vespa GS), then I entered the Victorian kitsch stage 1966-67, joined Art School in 1968 (Watford first, then Central School of Art & Design) and became a kind of Art School hippie for a few years then I left Britain in 1973.

    You lived in West Ham, then North London and celebrated your 16th birthday at Ronnie Scotts? That’s very cool. Ronnie Scotts was kinda upscale for us, expensive too, you needed reservations. I don’t know the Wag Club.

    I always tried to avoid the tube on Saturday’s where soccer was being played—I guess Tottenham Hotspurs was nearest to us but Arsenal fans besieged the underground too. I never went to any games.

    You certainly know your clothes, congratulations. I note that “Brick House” is listed as one your favorite tunes, that’s a tough funky number Richard, so I know you must be a dancer!

    I’d be delighted if your sister or her girlfriends could share old photos of themselves in mod guise

    Best wishes,

  • Hello there my friend,

    please check out Dr robert nicholls. he is from down your neck of the woods and is writing a book on mod life, and would like to have a chat with you, i am going to give him your e-mail if thats o.k.

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