Duane MP posted a status
Feb 25, 2017
Sorry if I commented on older pics here. Ya kinda made me feel bad. No biggie tho. Old or not they look good. I didn't really see or check the dates. My vision is bad right now. For those who don't know, I am American Indian and I do a lot of social work on different reservations and was out at Standing Rock North Dakota where a Pipeline protest was going on. I wont go into too much detail, if you go to youtube you will see how horribly people were treated. I was one of them. I had stuff sprayed in my face and thrown on me and my vision is kinda off. The pretty face you see in the picture has welts on it and some burns and since I'm fussy about how I look, I wont be posting any pics of that. Ill be ok tho. Some rest and recovery is what I need. But I do apologize if I may have caused something. I do enjoy looking at the pics on here and I wish It was like that here.

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