Jayson Sloane posted a status
Aug 12, 2021
Hey. Mates.
I wish I got to see Jump the Gun, Mod Weekender, Mod Mouse Trap next time. I got to see Carnaby St, Soho, I look around, I went to Ben Sherman, Merc, Fred Perry just look around, I shop at Lambretta Clothing, Sherry's London, Sister Ray Records, Reckless Records. Face Clothing I did get to see next time. I went to Camden Market, I went to there two times, I shop at www.modfatherclothing.com
, I shop there two time, I went to two times, also I look around in Camden Market, I went inside shops like Dr. Martens. I want to go where Mod Subculture. It only rain on me 3 or 4 times, rest of days was Brilliant. I been a Mod since 1980's. Ones I came a Mod, I always be a Mod. Mod came to Canada in 1979, it went to 1994, it died off but Mod Subculture came back here in Canada. I never got my License for scooter, I wish I did but right now I am thinking getting one scooter.

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