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Aug 24, 2021
Charlie Watts R.I.P.
Cool guy, classy dresser. He was once asked who influenced him to be a drummer. He liked Shelley Mann. Was it technique? No it was the clothes! Watts had a habit of sketching hotel rooms where they stayed on tour. Maybe because he had been a graphic designer for an ad agency.
It's a small world. I had been working in an advertising agency, north of Soho about 1963. I happened to mention Charlie Watts to a work friend, who said to me, if he plays drums it must be the same guy he had worked with at Greys Advertising.
Lucky enough to have seen The Stones at Hyde Park and Royal Albert Hall (couldn't hear a thing) in the 1960's. Still got my copy of Come On (great instrumental on the B side UK Decca release called Stoned, a bit Booker T like) all these years on. For some reason, from all the albums, I still play The Rolling Stones (first album) and Aftermath the most. But they are all good.
Good luck to Steve Jordan, new drummer. His style is Jazz like and he plays left hand jazz (traditional) grip like Charlie.
PS: Charlie Watts: "The 1960's to me was....Miles Davis and three button suits".

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