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About Me:

scooter riding mod

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

smoke stack lightening-howling wolf our love will grow-the showmen shake-small faces i'm crying-the animals my generation-the who

Vespa, Lambretta or other?



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  • alright steve good night on saturday how did you like the dvd

    speak to you soon pal.

    cheers wullie 

  • I think i'm gonna do the same, not sure if they have to be orange over here. They make the rules up as they go along. It'll be red this week and blue next. Both scoots just failed their MOT out here because there are no indicators, but passed last year. I'll use the jag lights for the Vespa, but not sure about the SX. Need to visit a bike shop when i'm back and see what's available that doesn't look naff.

  • Steve old mucker, thanks for the invite. Sorry late response, was in London at Vespa World Days, at the Millenium dome, mmm?

  • Hi Steve, hope you had a good night at Paddy's rhythm a go go, we enjoyed it, looking forward to the next one :o)

  • Hi Steve,up the mods !


  • liked the profile and pictures steve

  • I

    Hi. I sent you a message yesterday mate saying exactly the same thing, I think my messages are playing up as I seem to be able to send but not receive( unless nobody's replying :-( ). I'll send you my number .

  • Alright Steve missed you at the weekend mate.
  • hello, doing any rallies this year? shame i missed you at morecambe last year!
  • Hi Stave,


    This is link of my band, I hope u can gift some comment, Check this out..

    Regards from Indonesia
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