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About Me:

Been a mod from 81 once a mod always a mod cvs member from 2009

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

Ghost in my house. Green onoins. Keep on running. She,s not there. House of the rising sun

Vespa, Lambretta or other?

vespa px

Website Address:

http://tedjarvo@hotmail .co.uk


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  • alright mr jarvis how you doing, long time since st pius in the drum mate

  • Awesome!! Have a great weekend ;)

  • Hello, Ted! Nice to meet you. Let's keep in touch, shall we? xx

  • Hi Ted, you must come to oz one year.

  • Hello, Ted! How are you? Thanks for the request!

  • welcome to the mod generation ted  

  • Welcome Ted, another CVS MOD!

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