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ain,t to proud to beg.

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yes absolutely


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  • Hey Tam remember me..................Tam Daly from Pollok?

    Found this site and couldn't believe the amount of people I know!

    What was it 1979-mid 80's? I had kept in contact with Cal for years but seemed to lose touch. I now live in Melbourne married with two boys aged 13 and 10.

    You look good mate. 

  • PHOTO_5060522_82245_7063674_main.jpg

  • Hey hey hey Tommy things are all good new scooter planned for January if all goes well lol Looking forward to the pics big yin ;o)
  • Wahey Tommy glad to see you back on the site. :o) Hows things?

  •                                hi m8 i think your the best mod in glezga 
  • are you sober yet
  • ok you can be my freind :-)
  • hows it hanging big yin
  • Thomas dropped you amessage to your inbox will call you this week sometime
  • Hey Bobby, Was absolutely fantastic catching up with you. Sorry I didn't make the Paul Weller gig or during the week. I was suffering badly after the Saturday. Hoping to make it back sometime in the near future to do it all again. Take Care, cheers mate. Ian
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