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About Me:

from Glasgow moved to east london some years ago

Top 5 tunes at the moment:

1 Rodge Martin -they say. Get,s me on the dance floor.[you tube it} 2 lIttle Willie John -Im shakin. 3 little Ann-who are you trying to fool .4 Suger pie desanto -soulful dress. 5 the astors-i found out. 6 shirley ellis -the nittty gritty, 7 bunker hill-hide&go seek .8 dean parrish-determination 9 the virginia wolves -stay. 10 tony galla -in love. 11 barrett strong-money 12 chris clark -from head to toe. 13 bowie -i dig everthing. 14 nolan porter -if icould only be sure. 15 john paul -i wanna know. 16 the five du tones -shake a tail feather. 17 rufus thomas-memphis train. 18 the shakers- one wonderful moment. 19 the action -something has hit me.

Vespa, Lambretta or other?


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  • wazz nice to see you pity it was at rabs ..day .. do you think you could make it tay brighton this year it would be great too catch up on  a better  day .. me gloky will be down there this year hotel booked . would be great to see you . if you can make it ...
  • alright bro not heard from u for a while , am well as i hope u and the family are.
  • Hello wass. hope your well bud ,it,s great to hear from you as for Gary Numan it,s my only vice but don,t tell anyone lol.
  • william are you still onlinego into chat
  • alright william
  • Hi Wass, great pic of you in the house with the Lammy. Hows things?
  • Hi Will (formerly known as Wass lol). Yes i had the dark blue 150 super, see you put the pic up..amazin. i cant find any pics from the old days,must still be in storage as i moved house and havent had time to get them out. Met Shug on saturday(was great to see him after at least 20 years) and he told me you had a few photos of us from back then. Saw your recent pic with your scoot in the house..brilliant..your looking well mate...supercool suit..dig out any more pics u got ...going to try to download it....maybe you could email if it doesnt work. Keep in touch Cheers, Vinny
  • Howdy Wass! Great to hear from you. I am living in Partick - Stayed in Denniston for a good bit also. Was hoping to meet up with everyone last weekend - but ended up being a total lost weekend in my local hostelries.

    Hope all is Good! Cheers Ed.
  • wass my man
    how are you long time no see hows things cant remember the last time
    we met up hope your doing well.
    cheers willie
  • How are you Wass, Mik was saying you might come up in October,we can catch up for a beer. Left a post about yer suit.

    Seen yer photo, takes me back , got a suit once out of Dees of Trongate about 79, similar coluor to the one you have on in photo, widnae have been as good a quality of yours though, fuck I think I paid about £20 for it .
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