Well that doesn't look right.

Had the scooter running, heard a massive pop and then it died. Took a look to find a nice crack in the gear box casing which now pisses oil. Any thoughts anyone?
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  • Random update for those of you's who are interested.

    All repaired now, took 3 months and cost me £280. A tooth had gone on my first gear cog and fourth gear cog. 

  • Yeah, you will need to strip the engine first before you start thinking about repairing the casing.

    You might be able to get an engine off eBay or somewhere cheaper though....

  • Thing is with welding over it would be like putting a plaster over a bullet wound. It's not just the crack I'm concerned about, it's what ever has happened and is happening on the inside of all that. Apparently it will need an engine rebuild just to find out what the problem is, never mind then fixing it. :/

  • You might be able to get it welded Karl? I'm no expert but it may be worth asking?

    If you have any good scooter dealers near you, you should be able to get a quote for repair.

    Good luck buddy!

  • yeah the original funny sound was a rattle. Shit situation cos it's gonna cost loads just to find out what's wrong with it, let alone get if fixed so looks like I'm gonna have to suspend the insurance for the winter and try again in the summer. May have to possibly get a whole new engine or simple sell the whole thing. Something goes wrong with it everytime I get out on it..

  • What was the funny sound Karl?

    Was it a rattle by any chance?

    It looks a bit like something has come astray inside the engine and got caught between the workings and the casing.....

  • And no I certainly having been pulling any wheelies or anything of the sort haha

  • It was sounded funny the other night so me and a mate were taking a look at it and after starting it up and it ticking over for a few mins, it made a massive pop and died. We started back up fine and it seemed fine but on inspection the gear box, right behind the shock absorber, there was this crack/ hole which now pisses oil whilst running. Not tried riding it as could make it much worse but as I say it starts up fine. Strange situation really. Main problem is getting someone to look at it cos I now can't get it anywhere for it to be looked at.

  • You've not any point been popping wheelie's on it have you.

    Sorry i know it's a daft question but someone i know someone was doing that often and he ended up with a spilt near to the clutch on his engine. . 

  • Is that the crack just below the carb? If so, might be clutch?

    Was it a pop or crunch?

    Can you pull the clutch in?

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