Carnaby Cavern, late '84

From my first trip to London; with many more to follow...

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  • 1984 though and the guy on the scooter doesn't wear white socks! What's wrong with him...!? :-D
  • I zoomed in to check out the target shirt and became mesmerized by the nostalgic make up and hair. I miss that look.
  • ... and now it's a 55 mins flight from Düsseldorf; for the same price, I reckon, haha! But you never Forget that very first exciting trip... was back a year later for a new Beatle style suit, Polka dot shirts, suede- and leather Chelsea Boots and Television Personalities on Vinyl, my taste having turned a bit more psychedelic by then... ;-)
  • Nice one Kai, must have been an exciting trip for a 15yr old, we used to go to Carnaby St. Every few months 45 mins on Train n Tube. Got a Makin Time LP in The Cavern aswell, used to get The Jam shoes in Shellys, got some stuff in The Face/Sherrys,didn't get much from Melandi. Great times
  • Exciting times, Steve. I was 15 and with a mate of my age; as I said, quite a way to travel as flying was no option back then. I still remember what I carried back home: a suit, a racing jumper, beige sta prest, a monkey jacket (scooter jacket, it was called), bowling shoes from Shellys and from Merc Mark Le Gallez' Mark One EP! An awful lot to take by train and ferry! :-)
  • Remember that, got my first Suit in The Cavern!
  • Absolutely, Gary! London will have to wait 'til 2018 though, as it's Glasgow once more this year.
  • "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford." - Samuel Johnson
  • I love London Kai. I never tire of visiting the "Smoke".
  • I remenber paying £35 for a pair of made to measure trousers in 1982 so the suit was a good price even if was a lot of money in 1984. I am sure the poly's and ester's were more than happy to make the sacrifice to advance the cause of style ha ha
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