Nick Waterhouse in Cologne

... and in bad need for a shave, Mrs A. thought...

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  • The new Album is a cracker Gary. Didn't like the last one that much, though...
  • PMSL Gary D' , I'm off to Hoxton this weekend, gonna stand in the middle of the square and procaim loudly, 'Oi! Hipsters! You all look like fucking lumberjacks!' :)
  • A great photo Kai! All my young nephews are sporting the unshaved lumberjack look. I prefer the smooth look myself but hey, each to their own and there is no faulting Nick Waterhouse's music, a brilliant artist ;0)
  • Horrible, Chris. But the music was great, never the less!
  • So is the bloke behind him Kai. This facial fuzz scene seems to be pretty popular atm.
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