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  • Bill

    guess it was about 65 the old mohair looks a bit rough but it was not the shiny type of tonik that came along later, Burtons I think at a few bob a week,

    Do you remember a guy from Hounslow I think his name was Roach or something like that , think he worked on a greengrocers in the town, big bugger as well, the word got out that he was coming over to Ealing to shoot me, all to do with a big scrap just up the road from the Tick at the Tankerville Arms, there there was a nasty fight there and we all came down from the tick to see what was going on and I was spotted by mistake as being involved, went back to the Tick and when I came downstairs the whole road was filled with Hounslow boys and walking through them another one of them tried to stab me, it was only through a Hounslow boy called Russell who stopped them that I am here today !!   Happy days.

    The guy Roach came over to the White Hart in Acton to sort me out but he was spotted and one of the Chiswick lads from Devonshire  Rd Wacker Collins who  knocked him out on the steps outside !

  • Great original Mod pic

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